A Pleasant Atmosphere Brings Smiles to our Clients.

Green Dining is not a regular catering and takeout service- it’s a platform that connects chefs with the customers. This platform provides a warm atmosphere and brings smiles to our clients.

  1. 1. Consultation

    Please provide the following details.

    • Time and Date

    • Number of Guests

    • Budget

    • Purpose of the Meeting

  2. 2. Proposal

    We will select a chef and propose a menu.

  3. 3. Order

    After confirming the menu, please wait for the date.



  1. 2017.05.02News
    The comment from our CEO was introduced on the “Sougyou Techou” website (An online guide book for entrepreneurs.)
  2. 2017.04.29News
    We have attained over 5000 orders.